Why should we rock English on the job? 🌍

corporate language Sep 11, 2023

Leader Question: What are the advantages of English as a corporate language?
As you may have noticed, we are currently writing in English. From now on we will write our articles in English for you.
More and more companies are switching to English as their corporate language, even if they are not located in an English-speaking country.

Now you might think "one more To Do" - but you probably don't have to adapt that much, except the business vocabulary. The first step is the hardest - it`s getting easier day by day. 

Andre, our CEO and head coach, also respected giving workshops in English in the beginning and making mistakes. And you know what? It has boosted his career.
By immersing himself in the world of English, Andre was able to expand his reach and offer international workshops. He now works as an international coach - for european and israeli companies as well as companies from the UK and US.

What are the low hanging fruits to improve your english? 


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