Recognize inhibiting beliefs and overwrite them

The start of a new year has a symbolic meaning as a time of new beginnings and renewal. Many people often see the turn of the year as an opportunity to work on their goals with renewed energy and motivation.

So, following on from our theme from the last post, we're going to delve deeper into the distinction between an enabling belief and an inhibiting belief. 
Distinguishing between an empowering and an inhibiting belief often requires careful self-reflection.
Inhibiting beliefs can make you anxious, insecure or demotivated. They can cause you to withdraw, avoid risks or limit yourself. 

It's perfectly okay to have limiting beliefs. But if you want to develop yourself further, we will show you what you can do if you want to change a belief:
Create awareness - Take time to identify your beliefs. In the previous post, we described a few tips on how this can work.
Question your beliefs - Is that really the case? Really always? Really everyone? 
Formulate empowering beliefs -...

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Beliefs and their effect on our truth

Beliefs are deeply rooted convictions that influence our thoughts, feelings and actions. During our lives, we develop them through experience, imprinting, education and culture. 
Beliefs can be empowering or inhibiting and influence how we perceive ourselves and what is happening around us. 
Depending on the set of beliefs we carry around, we evaluate situations we experience differently.

How can you identify your beliefs? 
Listen to your selftalk - How do you talk to yourself? What words do you choose when you have an inner monologue? Do you talk gently to yourself? Or are you very hard on yourself? 
Ask yourself - Ask yourself questions that focus on your beliefs. For example, ask yourself: "What do I believe about myself? About my abilities? How do i define my worth?" Write down your answers to recognize patterns.
Observe yourself - notice your emotional reactions to certain situations. Emotions are often linked to beliefs. For example, if you feel anger, fear or...

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