To change a certain behavior - Act on it!

Do you know the feeling of no longer wanting to do a certain behavior or wanting to do something more strongly?
I for example never really enjoyed reading, it was more like a task on my to-do-list.
In a rad turnaround, not a bookworm till now, I decided to flip the script and dive into the bookish adventure. The simple choice to kick off a book club with a friend of mine made reading more easy for me. So i changed my perspective by creating a frame of joy.

This is shouting at us: Change starts when you take a look at your habits and think of ways to make it easier for you to change your behavior.
We all have unpleasant tasks and challenging situations. But we can create a framework that makes it more pleasant for us to act on it.

For example:
- Put on music you like
- Do it together
- Prepare your favourite drink before you start
- Reward yourself with a task you like

Did you hear about the "Future Pace"-Method?
This technique is from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) used to mentally...

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