Team event with a difference - jumping together from 4000 meters

teambuilding Nov 06, 2023

Team building events are a great way to strengthen cooperation, communication and trust within the team.

Many teams go for dinners and drinks, and this is even great. Sometimes it needs more to take the team bonding to the next level. At our last event, we accomplished that by jumping together from 13123,36 feet. 

A skydive is more than just a team event - it's an adventure that sends your team members on an emotional journey that strengthens their relationship with each other and the entire team. 

The event got cancelled 2 times - so the excitement increased.

Before the jump, the excitement was palpable and visible - from sweaty palms, to "panicked" laughter, to joking about calling the whole thing off. But it was clear to each and every one of us, we were going through this together. 

We were briefed on all the necessary safety measures and then it was off to 4000 meters in a very small plane.

The moment of the jump was a mixture of thrill and excitement. I mean ......

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