6 steps to facilitate your own hybrid culture workshop

To optimize our customers' hybrid collaboration we are more and more using Gustavo Razzetti's Culture Design Canvas. Let me share a little about that powerful tool that we are often using as a template to help teams and leaders develop a cohesive and vibrant workplace culture.

Here’s a closer look at what this tool entails and how you as a leader can effectively utilize it in a workshop setting:
The Culture Design Canvas is a strategic framework created by Gustavo Razzetti, aimed at helping organizations visualize, design, and implement their culture. It comprises various elements such as purpose, values, behaviors, rituals, and more. By addressing these factors systematically, teams can forge a unified culture that drives both engagement and performance.

In case you want to facilitate a workshop yourself you can download the canvas at and follow the following steps to make a workshop out of it:

  1. Introduction: Begin by explaining the importance of culture and introducing the Culture Design Canvas. Set the context about why this exercise is essential for the team.
  2. Fill Out the Canvas: Distribute copies of the Culture Design Canvas to all participants. Briefly go over each component:
    • Purpose: What is the core mission that drives the organization?
    • Values: What core principles do you operate by?
    • Behaviors: What actions should reflect the company's values?
    • Rituals: What regular activities reinforce the culture?
    • Communication: How is information shared within the team?
    • etc.
    • We usually add one component to the canvas working on good and bad failures. What are mistakes that we want to push, what mistakes need to be avoided?
  3. Encourage open discussion and collaboration (with a warm-up). Each member should be able to contribute their thoughts and insights.
  4. Group Activities: Split the participants into smaller groups to brainstorm ideas for each section of the canvas. After brainstorming, reconvene as a whole group to share and discuss. In bigger groups you can also do that in a world-cafe format.
  5. Action Plan: After the canvas is filled out, develop a concrete action plan. This includes identifying specific steps to reinforce desired behaviors, implementing new rituals, and ensuring consistent communication.
  6. Regularly revisit: the Culture Design Canvas to assess progress and make necessary adjustments. Your leaders should be role models, embodying the values and behaviors discussed during the workshop.


By conducting a well-structured workshop, leaders can foster an environment of clarity, alignment, and shared purpose. This, in turn, promotes a positive workplace culture that drives long-term success. 

Do you need support with your company / team culture? Hit us up - we would love to accompany you in your process. 


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