The Power of Proximity and Feedback in your remote Team

How much ad hoc feedback do you give in your remote working team? 

In many teams that work remotely, interim feedback is forgotten or has never really been practiced. Organizations often assume that quarterly or annual feedback are sufficient for developing a team culture. 

But that's not quite the case ... 

Regular feedback shows that you as a leader are aware of and value the work of your team. 

What other benefits does regular feedback have for you as a leader? 

  1. Motivation and commitment: By regularly recognizing successes and identifying areas for development, team members can stay motivated and strengthen their commitment to their role.
  2. Quick problem solving: Daily feedback allows problems to be identified early and resolved quickly before they escalate into bigger issues. You save time in the long run!
  3. Building trust and relationships: Regular interaction and sharing of feedback helps build trust between you and your team members and strengthen...
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5 Essential moderation skills for modern leads

Future oriented leads need moderation skills to get more out of their teams and themselves by supporting an autonomous working style.
If you learn how to moderate your meetings and workshops better you will be able to:
- get better and more ideas
- gain more trust between your teammates
- reach more commitment and motivation
- get more “we-feelings” and by that psychological safety
- support individual growth
- establish better decision making processes (where you don’t need to be a part of anymore)

The more autonomy an individual in a team is supposed to have, the clearer the goals, rules, values, own motivation and self-responsibility should be.
We need to make sure that we have everyone on board and on the same page. Having the feeling of being part of the team and being heard. Therefore it’s important that leads learn to create situations where the team takes the stage, has time to work together in a structured way and feels comfortable and guided to shape their...

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