5 Essential moderation skills for modern leads

Future oriented leads need moderation skills to get more out of their teams and themselves by supporting an autonomous working style.
If you learn how to moderate your meetings and workshops better you will be able to:
- get better and more ideas
- gain more trust between your teammates
- reach more commitment and motivation
- get more “we-feelings” and by that psychological safety
- support individual growth
- establish better decision making processes (where you don’t need to be a part of anymore)

The more autonomy an individual in a team is supposed to have, the clearer the goals, rules, values, own motivation and self-responsibility should be.
We need to make sure that we have everyone on board and on the same page. Having the feeling of being part of the team and being heard. Therefore it’s important that leads learn to create situations where the team takes the stage, has time to work together in a structured way and feels comfortable and guided to shape their...

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3 tips to make your remote team better being a leader in a digital environment

The homo sapiens is about 300.000 years old - the commercial internet about 30 years - about 20 years ago some companies were already working in a hybrid setup (for example my former employer IBM) and since covid we have the technological infrastructure to work remotely in most of the white collar jobs in theory. Even before the age of the homo sapiens there was collaboration and we were in touch with one another working together on “projects” at the same geological location. 

We are right now in the middle of a change of how collaboration is working and will work in the future and we will need to adapt on every level and in every role and play our parts if we want to make remote work work. Leaving old habits and beliefs behind opening up for the challenges that remote work brings us.

Fortunately it’s already proven that there are surroundings where remote work already had its breakthroughs. For many companies the sales process changed completely in the last...

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Leadership upgrade: autonomy instead of authoritarian directives 🌍

In our workshops, we are often asked how leaders can develop their teams towards autonomy. 

Well - this is primarily down to leadership. Every organization needs a framework that allows employees to make their own decisions and, above all, to make mistakes. 

Are you actively involved in your team's tasks or do you largely leave the execution to your team members? 
Do you make decisions alone or in collaboration with your team? 
Does the hierarchy in your team follow a strict chain of command, or is there more flexibility and freedom in decision-making at different levels?

Based on these questions, you can recognize a tendency as to whether you tend to lead with authority or autonomy.

But what does autonomous leadership actually mean? And what is the good thing about it?

An autonomous leadership style means that you as a leader allow a lot of freedom and personal responsibility. You delegate tasks to your team, trust that your team members can complete their tasks...

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Realize your ideas - push your future with the Future Pace method

After our last post, have you tried changing your habits through positive frames?

""Future Pace"" is the secret weapon that can help you make even better progress.


This method involves consciously imagining and internalizing your goals and wishes as if they had already come true. You mentally transport yourself into the future and experience the fulfillment of your wishes in every detail.


Using the power of imagination

A central component of Future Pace is the conscious use of your imagination. By imagining how you have already achieved what you want, you send powerful signals to your subconscious. These signals act like a magnet that pulls you towards your goals.


Let's go through the 2 steps using an example:

1) Clearly and precisely create your goal: ""Starting next Monday, I will integrate warm-ups into my meetings to get my team and myself into a positive group energy.""

2) Visualize success: Close your eyes - What do you see? What do you hear? And what do...

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