6 steps to facilitate your own hybrid culture workshop

To optimize our customers' hybrid collaboration we are more and more using Gustavo Razzetti's Culture Design Canvas. Let me share a little about that powerful tool that we are often using as a template to help teams and leaders develop a cohesive and vibrant workplace culture.

Here’s a closer look at what this tool entails and how you as a leader can effectively utilize it in a workshop setting:
The Culture Design Canvas is a strategic framework created by Gustavo Razzetti, aimed at helping organizations visualize, design, and implement their culture. It comprises various elements such as purpose, values, behaviors, rituals, and more. By addressing these factors systematically, teams can forge a unified culture that drives both engagement and performance.

In case you want to facilitate a workshop yourself you can download the canvas at and follow the following steps to make a workshop out of it:

  1. Introduction: Begin by explaining the...
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Leadership upgrade: autonomy instead of authoritarian directives 🌍

In our workshops, we are often asked how leaders can develop their teams towards autonomy. 

Well - this is primarily down to leadership. Every organization needs a framework that allows employees to make their own decisions and, above all, to make mistakes. 

Are you actively involved in your team's tasks or do you largely leave the execution to your team members? 
Do you make decisions alone or in collaboration with your team? 
Does the hierarchy in your team follow a strict chain of command, or is there more flexibility and freedom in decision-making at different levels?

Based on these questions, you can recognize a tendency as to whether you tend to lead with authority or autonomy.

But what does autonomous leadership actually mean? And what is the good thing about it?

An autonomous leadership style means that you as a leader allow a lot of freedom and personal responsibility. You delegate tasks to your team, trust that your team members can complete their tasks...

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