The ROI of leadership development

What do you think is the impact of leadership development in your organization or industry?

A Remarkable ROI of $7 for every $1 spent one of the standout findings from the 2023 study by BetterManager is the return on investment (ROI) that accompanies corporate leadership development programs. This substantial ROI highlights leadership development as a strategic investment with the potential to significantly impact a company's bottom line.

So what influences of leadership development affects your ROI?

  • Direct Revenue Growth: Leadership development equips you with the skills to make strategic decisions, optimize operations, and enhance sales techniques. These improvements directly translate to increased revenue for your organization.
  • Cost Savings: Your effective leadership can minimize operational inefficiencies and reduce errors, leading to significant cost savings.
  • Employee Retention: As a well-trained leader, you can create a positive work environment, leading to higher employee...
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3 tips to make your remote team better being a leader in a digital environment

The homo sapiens is about 300.000 years old - the commercial internet about 30 years - about 20 years ago some companies were already working in a hybrid setup (for example my former employer IBM) and since covid we have the technological infrastructure to work remotely in most of the white collar jobs in theory. Even before the age of the homo sapiens there was collaboration and we were in touch with one another working together on “projects” at the same geological location. 

We are right now in the middle of a change of how collaboration is working and will work in the future and we will need to adapt on every level and in every role and play our parts if we want to make remote work work. Leaving old habits and beliefs behind opening up for the challenges that remote work brings us.

Fortunately it’s already proven that there are surroundings where remote work already had its breakthroughs. For many companies the sales process changed completely in the last...

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