Beliefs and their effect on our truth

Beliefs are deeply rooted convictions that influence our thoughts, feelings and actions. During our lives, we develop them through experience, imprinting, education and culture. 
Beliefs can be empowering or inhibiting and influence how we perceive ourselves and what is happening around us. 
Depending on the set of beliefs we carry around, we evaluate situations we experience differently.

How can you identify your beliefs? 
Listen to your selftalk - How do you talk to yourself? What words do you choose when you have an inner monologue? Do you talk gently to yourself? Or are you very hard on yourself? 
Ask yourself - Ask yourself questions that focus on your beliefs. For example, ask yourself: "What do I believe about myself? About my abilities? How do i define my worth?" Write down your answers to recognize patterns.
Observe yourself - notice your emotional reactions to certain situations. Emotions are often linked to beliefs. For example, if you feel anger, fear or...

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Realize your ideas - push your future with the Future Pace method

After our last post, have you tried changing your habits through positive frames?

""Future Pace"" is the secret weapon that can help you make even better progress.


This method involves consciously imagining and internalizing your goals and wishes as if they had already come true. You mentally transport yourself into the future and experience the fulfillment of your wishes in every detail.


Using the power of imagination

A central component of Future Pace is the conscious use of your imagination. By imagining how you have already achieved what you want, you send powerful signals to your subconscious. These signals act like a magnet that pulls you towards your goals.


Let's go through the 2 steps using an example:

1) Clearly and precisely create your goal: ""Starting next Monday, I will integrate warm-ups into my meetings to get my team and myself into a positive group energy.""

2) Visualize success: Close your eyes - What do you see? What do you hear? And what do...

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To change a certain behavior - Act on it!

Do you know the feeling of no longer wanting to do a certain behavior or wanting to do something more strongly?
I for example never really enjoyed reading, it was more like a task on my to-do-list.
In a rad turnaround, not a bookworm till now, I decided to flip the script and dive into the bookish adventure. The simple choice to kick off a book club with a friend of mine made reading more easy for me. So i changed my perspective by creating a frame of joy.

This is shouting at us: Change starts when you take a look at your habits and think of ways to make it easier for you to change your behavior.
We all have unpleasant tasks and challenging situations. But we can create a framework that makes it more pleasant for us to act on it.

For example:
- Put on music you like
- Do it together
- Prepare your favourite drink before you start
- Reward yourself with a task you like

Did you hear about the "Future Pace"-Method?
This technique is from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) used to mentally...

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Team event with a difference - jumping together from 4000 meters

teambuilding Nov 06, 2023

Team building events are a great way to strengthen cooperation, communication and trust within the team.

Many teams go for dinners and drinks, and this is even great. Sometimes it needs more to take the team bonding to the next level. At our last event, we accomplished that by jumping together from 13123,36 feet. 

A skydive is more than just a team event - it's an adventure that sends your team members on an emotional journey that strengthens their relationship with each other and the entire team. 

The event got cancelled 2 times - so the excitement increased.

Before the jump, the excitement was palpable and visible - from sweaty palms, to "panicked" laughter, to joking about calling the whole thing off. But it was clear to each and every one of us, we were going through this together. 

We were briefed on all the necessary safety measures and then it was off to 4000 meters in a very small plane.

The moment of the jump was a mixture of thrill and excitement. I mean ......

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The effect of external appearance

mindset Oct 23, 2023

It has never been clearer to me how much effect my hair has on how I see myself and how others perceive me

When Fabiana cut her hair from long to short, she not only changed her external appearance, but also began a journey through the complex world of self-perception and the perception of others.

In many cultures and societies, certain standards of external appearance are considered accepted, ranging from gender roles and professional requirements to social expectations.

Long hair is often associated with femininity, while short hair tends to be considered masculine. 

These gender stereotypes can lead people to make assumptions about a person's personality based on their hair length, for example. 

Did Fabiana feel this? YES! Since Fabiana has shorter hair, she is thought to be more confident, tough, and brave. For her, the change was an expression of self-determination and liberation from social "norms".


What conclusions can we draw from this for you as a leader?...

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How does AI impact leadership?

chatgpt Sep 25, 2023

Leader Question: Are you delegating to Chatgpt yet? Is your team doing it?
We are on the cusp of an exciting era of leadership. ChatGPT and similar AI technologies have already begun to impact leadership today and will undoubtedly continue to shape leadership tomorrow.

In our workshops, we notice that more and more leads are using Chatgpt in their everyday business lives. This makes us wonder - you see AI as a buddy, not an enemy.

But how exactly does AI impact leadership?
1 More time for smart minds: Thanks to AI, leaders can free themselves from tedious, repetitive tasks and focus on what really matters: strategic thinking and smart decisions.
2 Knowledge in abundance: ChatGPT provides access to vast amounts of information. This means leaders can make better-informed decisions because they have all the facts at their fingertips.
3 Leadership à la carte: AI can provide individualized support. Chatbots could create personalized development plans for employees and provide training...

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Why should we rock English on the job? 🌍

corporate language Sep 11, 2023

Leader Question: What are the advantages of English as a corporate language?
As you may have noticed, we are currently writing in English. From now on we will write our articles in English for you.
More and more companies are switching to English as their corporate language, even if they are not located in an English-speaking country.

Now you might think "one more To Do" - but you probably don't have to adapt that much, except the business vocabulary. The first step is the hardest - it`s getting easier day by day. 

Andre, our CEO and head coach, also respected giving workshops in English in the beginning and making mistakes. And you know what? It has boosted his career.
By immersing himself in the world of English, Andre was able to expand his reach and offer international workshops. He now works as an international coach - for european and israeli companies as well as companies from the UK and US.

What are the low hanging fruits to improve your english? 


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🌟 Geballte Inspiration alle zwei Wochen – Deine Dosis hochwertigen Contents! 🌟

Weißt du, wie sich unser Gehirn anfühlt, wenn es Neues entdeckt? Diese aufregende Mischung aus Neugier, Spannung und Freude ist vergleichbar mit dem Serotonin-Rausch, den wir empfinden, wenn wir in fesselnde Geschichten eintauchen oder faszinierende Fakten entdecken. Jetzt stell dir vor, du könntest dieses Gefühl nicht nur regelmäßig erleben, sondern auch in noch intensiveren Dosen – und das alle zwei Wochen. Klingt fantastisch, oder?

Dank Tools der KI wie ChatGpt kommt im Sekundentakt neuer Content zustande - Auch wir sind überflutet mit Newslettern, Interviews, Blogbeiträgen, etc. - doch was davon bringt uns wirklich weiter? 

Wir wollen dir wirklich inspirierenden Content mit AHA-Effekt liefern – jede Ausgabe unseres Newsletters wird sorgfältig gestaltet, um eure Gedanken anzuregen und eure Vorstellungskraft zu beflügeln.

Sieh zu, auch in deinem Leadership-Alltag mal was Neues zu machen, dein Gehirn mit Serotonin...

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5 Tipps für besseren Schlaf

schlafqualität Aug 21, 2023

Leader:innen Frage: Weißt du wie lange es dauert, bis Kaffee in deinem Körper abgebaut wird?

In unseren Workshops zum Thema Selbstmanagement kommt es früher oder später zur Sprache, dass Leader und/oder ihre Mitarbeitenden schlecht schlafen. Auch wir kennen das Gefühl, wenn wir schlecht geschlafen haben und nicht voll funktionsfähig sind. 

Doch für Leader ist erholsamer Schlaf essenziell, da er die kognitiven Funktionen, Emotionsregulation und zwischenmenschliche Interaktionen stärkt. In einer anspruchsvollen Führungsrolle fördert guter Schlaf klareres Denken und effektive Entscheidungsfindung.

Mit ein paar kleinen Kniffen, können wir die Qualität unseres Schlafes verbessern.

 Fangen wir mit dem Kaffee Beispiel an - wusstest du, dass es ca. 5 bis 6 Stunden dauert, bis die Halbwertszeit von Koffein abläuft? Wenn du also um 22 Uhr entspannt im Bett liegen möchtest, solltest du etwa um 16 Uhr deinen...

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Wie kannst du NEIN zu unnötigen Meetings sagen?

meetingkultur Aug 14, 2023

Leader:innen Frage: Fällt es dir schwer, nein zu Meetings zu sagen?


Sowohl als Junior als auch für erfahrene Leader kann es herausfordernd sein, die Teilnahme an Meetings zu hinterfragen und sich sogar rauszunehmen. 

Stell dir vor du arbeitest seit vielen Jahren als Führungskraft und du erhältst Einladungen zu sämtlichen Meetings. Wie gehst du damit um?

Stell dir auf der anderen Seite vor du bist ganz neu in deiner Führungsrolle und kennst deine Kolleg*innen möglicherweise noch nicht so gut. Traust du dich NEIN zu sagen? 


Wenn du das Gefühl hast, dass eine Meetingeinladung unnötig für dich ist, gibt es einige Schritte, die du unternehmen kannst, um darauf zu reagieren:

 Gibt es eine Agenda?

Lies die Meetingeinladung sorgfältig durch. Überlege, ob die Themen des Meetings für dich relevant sind und ob du etwas beitragen kannst oder wirst. Falls es keine Agenda gibt, frag nach.

Welchen Zweck...

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